Why Should We Watch Hit The Floor Season 3? The Cast Has A Few Killer Reasons

"If you like season 1, you'll like season 2, and if you liked season 2, you'll probably get married to season 3."

Season two left us all in shock when we learned Ahsha’s timid and loveable sweetheart, German, was a stone cold killer. With the Ahsha and Derek on-again, off-again romance going on, Derek better watch out! It makes us all wonder, how will Ahsha react when she finds out this man she loved for so long could do something so evil. Well, Derek already let her take the fall for drugs, we doubt she will trust anyone else after this one.

Jelena has proven herself to be more than just a beautiful, talented Devil Girl, but she’s also very strategic and smart. She may not get all she wants this season, however. Will we see the demise of this power princess or will she rise to the occasion and take everything she wants?

Wedding bells will also be a-ringin’ this season between Raquel and Kyle! Although it’s just for a visa to stay in the states, how will this affect Raquel’s previous relationship with Pete now that he’s back with Sloan? Allow Taylour Paige, Logan Browning, Jonathan McDaniel, Valery Ortiz and the rest of the cast to persuade you that season three is going to be the best yet now!

All will be revealed when we tune in to the season 3 premiere of Hit The Floor, Monday January 18th at 9/8c!

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