Kristen Stewart and Jimmy Fallon Played the Most Frustrating Game on His Show Last Night

This is impossible.

Jimmy Fallon is notorious for playing little games with celebrity guests on The Tonight Show, and they’re normally super fun. But the bit he did with Kristen Stewart last night was the opposite. It was, hands down, the most frustrating thing to ever appear on television.

It’s called “The Whisper Game,” which sounds exciting, but don’t fool yourself. Here’s how it works: One player wears noise-blocking headphones with music while the other player says a classic line from pop culture. The headphone-clad player then has to guess what is being mouthed without any audio hints. You’re probably annoyed just thinking about it, right? We definitely were.

And watching it is even worse–annnd a tad hilarious, we won’t lie. Kristen slaps on the headphones first as Jimmy mouths “Say hello to my little friend!” from Scarface. Obviously, Kristen doesn’t get it because no human on this planet could. The game is just too. Damn. Hard.

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