Watch John Krasinski Prove He’s Hot Even When He’s About to Throw up on You

I'd hold your hair back any day, John.

Really hot human being John Krasinski appeared on The Late Show last night to talk about how he first charmed equally hot wife Emily Blunt and to pretend to throw up. Actually. It was, like, a game or something.

Host Stephen Colbert challenged John to a fake vomit-off, which is exactly what it sounds like. Both parties read lines from famous movies while pretending to get sick and throw up. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Your riotously drunken nights as college freshmen really might come in handy one day.

Emily and Stephen had previously played the game, reading lines from Gone with the Wind in between faux dry-heaves, and last night, John rose to the occasion. He and Stephen read lines from A Few Good Men and John proved that, even when he’s about to throw up, he’s still really effing hot.

John channeled Lt. Daniel Kaffee while fake-puking, thus becoming the hottest vompire of 2016 overnight. That’s a title worth having because, let’s face it, everyone voms, but not everyone looks hot doing so. I’d hold your hair back any day, John.

Watch John and Stephen’s vomit-off in the clip below.

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