We Don’t Wake Up Like This: The Ladies Of Hit The Floor Explain What It Takes To Be A Devil Girl

"To be a devil girl, you have to be confident, you have to be sexy, you have to be an amazing dancer"

The ladies of Hit The Floor work a lot harder than you all think to make sure each episode is filled with enough drama, steamy romance, and sexy dances for your entertainment. They make the dances look easy, but among running lines, traveling, and shooting scenes, Logan, Katherine and Taylour have a small window of time to learn all of the routines. As for their perfect looks? “You don’t wake up like this.” These devilish beauties have to wake up at the “crack of a– dawn” to get all glammed up for the day (and walking to Petco with your face beat is a little weird, according to Taylour).

They work with the best of the best dancers from Dancing With The Stars to So You Think You Can Dance to Broadway to make sure each and every week they deliver the heat. It’s definitely more than just acting, this is a lifestyle for this sisterhood. Big props to them!

Watch these ladies bring it when Hit The Floor premieres Monday, January 18th at 9/8c!

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