“To Donald & Kinleigh”: Don Of Black Ink Crew: Chicago Pens A Letter To His Two Children

"Now it's time to finish making it right."

Throughout season one of Black Ink Crew Chicago, we saw Don struggle with infidelity when he cheated on Ashley with Charmaine. It was detrimental because Don has a beautiful family with Ashley and their son, Donald Jr. Don continuously denied the affair in efforts to salvage his relationship and his family. At the end of the season, Don tried to make things right by asking Ashley for her hand in marriage, the ultimate solidification of their bond. He took Ashley on bae-cation to pop the question but decided to finally admit to what went down with Charmaine. Obviously furious at first, Ashley ultimately accepted the proposal.

In an interesting turn however, it seems as if Don just learned that he has another child by a woman who is not Ashley. He took to Instagram to publicly pen a letter promising both of his kids that he will always be there for them.

“They will always be able to find this one day …Have to address the fact i never wanted to not be apart of a life . i parcially was there patiently waiting on results to confirm. Now that those results are here I will do my full duty as father to both . I have made my mistakes but i am long from the man i once was. #Blackinkcrew #blackinkcrewchicago #BLacklovematters #9mag #NMOL #onlygodcanjudge Not a easy journey but the strong find a way. Got what was needed .Now time to finish making it right. #twosidestoeverystory”

Beautiful letter with beautiful promises. While Don admitted to waiting until paternity was confirmed to step up to his paternal duties, it seems as if Ashley is still by his side as they recently celebrated New Year’s together and it looks like their wedding is still on.

Happy New Years world 2016!!!! Be blessed!!! #blackinkcrewchicago #9MAG #VH1 #blackinkchicago #Ashley #Don #God bless the haters #future Mrs Brumfield

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