The “Sexiest Doctor Alive” Will Take You on a Date if You Donate to His Charity

BRB, scheduling a physical with Dr. Mike.

Is it getting hot in here or what?

Dating app Coffee Meets Bagel just announced a partnership with Dr. Mike, a total babe who was once named Sexiest Doctor Alive by People Magazine. Dr. Mike is offering himself up for a pre-paid date with someone who could be you—if you donate to his charity.

This is what hot Dr. Mike looks like. I know, I know. He’s painfully beautiful, it can’t be real.


But rest assured: Dr. Mike is very real. He’s also a doctor and therefore hella smart, plus he’s big on social media. From Coffee Meets Bagel:

“Doctor Mike, whose Instagram account now tops over one million followers, is better known as the ’the real life McDreamy.’ Recently named People Magazine’s ’Sexiest Doctor Alive’, the second year medical resident resides in New York City and is focusing on family and sports medicine. He graduated from the New York Institute of Technology’s College of Osteopathic Medicine from their accelerated seven-year program. In addition to his devotion to the field of medicine, he recently launched his own charity called Limitless Tomorrow Foundation. It aims to break the financial barriers for unique and capable individuals by supplying grants and financial aid based on the evaluation of the whole person and not just their grades. Doctor Mike hopes to inspire a new generation of future leaders.”

So do you want a chance at an all-inclusive night of love with this bae AF doctor or what? The experience includes a flight to New York City (where Dr. Mike resides), a stay at a four-star hotel and a dinner at a Michelin Star restaurant. Sparks are already flying, I can feel it.

All you have to do is download Coffee Meets Bagel and enter the sweepstakes here by donating at least $10 to Dr. Mike’s charity, the Limitless Tomorrow Foundation. You have now until January 27 to donate. Something tells me Dr. Mike’s charity is going to surpass its fiscal goals very easily this year.

Have fun, ladies, and as always, happy swiping.

Coffee Meets Bagel
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