“Really? That’s What We Doing?” Miss Moe Money Sees Herself Out Before She Goes Off On MariahLynn and Cisco

"Now I'm at MY release party with this nothing a-- b--- telling me she macking with MY dude?"

Last week, BBOD was supposed to be celebrating the release of their song “Tatatalicious,” a party Rah worked really hard to put together but it seems as if the messiness spilled over in that mix too when MariahLynn pulled up with Moe’s man, Cisco. It didn’t take long for the volume levels raise to a 10 when Moe asks both of them to leave cause they got her “f—d up.”

In MariahLynn’s defense though, I doubt she would’ve came through had she known Cisco’s creep card was still active. Although MariahLynn let it be known she is about that life by holding her own, she didn’t want no problems, so no need to smack cups out of people’s hands, wasting liquor and all.

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