“All I Knew Is That I Loved You”: Moniece Posts An Epic Love Letter To Son Kam On His Birthday

"I love you more than all the bubble gum, sour worms, tangerines, pepsi, and toys in the whole universe."

Moniece and Fizz may have had their ups and downs this past season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, but one thing that’s undeniable is the love they have for their not-so-baby-anymore son, Kamron. Despite all the slack she caught for not being around, Moniece has always had her “poopie” in her heart and has continued to prove that she’s devoted to her son. Today their little Kindergarten Kam turns the Big 6 and Moniece took to Instagram to share some beautiful words about how much their oh-so-adorable son has changed their lives for the better.

“6yrs ago today at this time, I had been in the hospital for 6hrs. Pain wasn’t bad yet. I was still up walking my laps. Muffin was still and I had NO EARTHLY IDEA OF WHAT WAS TO COME. In this picture I’d been in the hospital for almost a solid 24hrs. I had received an epidural and I was finally able to rest. I didn’t know this picture was taken (thanks mom) & 3.5hrs later Bino was born. Just as he popped out my epidural had worn off and I was in pain again. Nothing would ever feel more painful than the time I wasn’t with you. Nothing would hurt more than waking up next to you everyday and then waking up without you longer than when I had you full time. You smiled when they laid you on my chest and no one was more comforting to you than I was. You were pure joy in human form. I didn’t think it got any better. Until I had to fight for you and when you came back home it was the happiest day i’d experienced since your birth. Since then we’ve hit a few bumps in the road. I don’t always get it right but I love you to my core. My mini, my muffin, my poopie, my Bino, my baby bad ass. You are the light of my entire life. It gets hard but you’re so much like me, it’s even harder to be derailed because I’m determined not to fail at this thing. I’m determined not to be side tracked by the hardships. I hope that if you learn anything from me in this lifetime, it’s to live unapologetically for who you are. To love who you are unconditionally. Most importantly to be so emotionally in tuned with yourself that being the higher version of you will be 2nd nature. I hope that you understand how strong you are without having to learn it the hard way. YOU ARE MY SON, AND THAT MEANS NO MAN WILL EVER BE ABLE TO TEAR YOU DOWN. Soar pumpkin. Be great at all you do. There’s no one else like you in this world. I love you #tomorrowbinoturns6”

“Almost 6yrs ago, your mommy & daddy had no idea what we were in for when I decided to have you. All I knew was that I loved you. I loved you more than I could put into words. I had no idea how incredible you’d be. How exciting it would be. How trying and painful and joyous this parenting journey was going to be. How full of surprises you’d be. I knew I would experience love in its purest truest form. I just didn’t know how intense that would feel. I had no idea that my desire to protect you, to make you happy, to nurture who you would show me you were from the minute you took your 1st breath would actually feel. What that really meant. It turned me into a beast. Into an emotional brick house. Kamron David Frederic. I love you more than all the bubble gum, sour worms, tangerines, pepsi, and toys in the whole universe. My poopie is almost 6yrs old ? #jan8 #fridaymyfritterturns6”

Oh, and remember at the reunion when Moniece had to use Bino as her safeword? Well, now we know why it calmed her down. Thinking of that adorable face of Kamron’s can’t make anyone stay mad for long.

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