Bish, Where?! Dutchess of Black Ink Crew Claims She Dragged Donna Last Night

Talk about a hot mess!

It’s no secret that Dutchess hasn’t exactly gotten along with other people in the Black Ink shop, but her lingering beef with Donna just won’t seem to fizzle out. Last night, like most people, Dutchess took Instagram to let everyone know she’s not playing with Donna by posting a wig she allegedly snatched off Donna’s head during a fight. The clap back came asap when Donna claimed that she was jumped and wasted no time getting a brand new wig (it looks nice boo).

Dutchess didn’t come for Donna out of nowhere though. Could it have been because of he text Donna sent O’Sh*t a couple days ago?

First she posted this:

Oop #PostAndDelete: #BlackInkCrew #Donna spilling tea on #OhShit and #Dutchess?? #PettyWapWednesday

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Then O’Sh*t posted the rest of the conversation:

Dutchess clearly wasn’t too happy with this little text convo and took it straight to the streets. It’s unclear how it went down but Dutchess was sure to post proof that it did:

#Dutchess out here playing a game of #guesswhoweave ??!! Our money is on #Donna ???

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Donna then took to Twitter to let everyone know her side of the story:

“Bitches think pulling hair is cute when I fuck you up you won’t be doing all the laughing and kee keeing….that’s the easiest thing to do is pull somebody hair. Ooooo wowwwwww. wack ass bitch….#DonnaM #BlackInkCrew #Art2Ink #CantWaitToBeatDutchessAss @DutchessOfInk #GotMyWig #AndIGotHair #ANDMYWIGCOSTMORETHANYOUROUTFIT #PullASewInOut #WeakBitch #MyWigsAreExpensive #Bih”

Yikes! Whatever happened to keeping it classy and being a lady? Hopefully this doesn’t escalate more than it already has. Do you think Dutchess took it too far or did Donna have it coming ?

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