Troian Bellisario Explains How Spencer Would Play “Smash, Marry, Kill” with the Pretty Little Liars Girls

Her answer is amazing.

Pretty Little Liars is officially in full swing and more intriguing than ever. (What the hell happened to Charlotte last week, y’all? I’m still freaking out.) It feels so good to have our gals back every Tuesday night on Freeform (formerly ABC Family). Let’s hope the drama keeps filling up like Spencer’s (and our) thirst for Toby.

Speaking of Lady Hastings, VH1 caught up with Troian Bellisario a few weeks ago to discuss the frothy, soapy world that is PLL. She supplied all the dish–including one question we’re positive you’re dying to know. If Spencer was asked who she would “Smash, Marry or Kill” between Aria, Hanna and Emily, who would she pick?

“[Spencer] would probably turn around and deck the person in the face who asked her the question, shove a bunch of whiskey shots down and then dance with all three of her friends,” Bellisario said. “If you asked [Spencer] that question, she would look at you in the face and then probably slap you.”


Now that’s friendship. Did you expect anything less from Spencer, though? Nope.

But Bellisario said Spencer would eventually play–well, a little. “Or she’d probably just be like, ’”Why can’t I just sleep and marry with all of them?'” she told us. That’s sort of an answer, right? Smash, Marry, Marry? We’re here for it.

If anything, this proves nothing can break the PLL bond. Not even a silly drinking game.

The next episode of PLL airs tonight at 8 p.m.