Remember When Rob Kardashian Slayed on Dancing With the Stars?

He actually did, though.

We haven’t seen Rob Kardashian in what feels like ages, but he’s still our favorite Kardashian. Back in 2011, he competed on Dancing With the Stars. Even though you probably forgot about it, it’s a big part of the reason you love him so much. His moves were sub-par but he made up for it with his adorable enthusiasm, a willingness to rock ridiculous costumes, and (sometimes) an unbreakable ~focus~.

He even scored runner-up, which is more than big sis Kim can say for when she competed in season 7 (and was the third star eliminated — woof).

Here’s how the DWTS slay is done, as exemplified by the Rob Kardashian.

  • Give a boss introduction, even if you have to fluff it up a bit.

    Embedded from

    Who knew Rob took part in modeling and talent managing? And don’t forget to hit the crowd’s soft spot. “I want to boost my confidence and step out of the shadow of my sisters,” he explained. Robbb. <3

  • Bro-out with wardrobe but lock it down with shoes.


    Do you, Rob.

  • Hang loose in a Hawaiian t-shirt.


    Just accept the mantra into your life.

  • Understand your dignity isn’t defined by your footwear.


    Your bright pink footwear, that is.

  • Being snazzy has no limits.


    It’s your season and you can wear a top hat if you want to.

  • Make a grand entrance on a ridiculous mini float.

    Embedded from

    While shaking maracas.

  • Own your ridiculousness with a point like this.


    Yeaaaaaah bitches, I just came in on a float.

  • Wait to go last in a group dance.

    Embedded from

    It’s simple common sense.

  • Then wow the crowd with a dip like THIS


    Bet you didn’t see that coming, DID you, Cheryl?

  • Make the audience feel uncomfortable by softly embracing your partner.

    Embedded from

    It’s impossible to look away.

  • And don’t forget to have your famous family in the audience.


    Even though you want to break away from them so badly by competing on this show.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.