“You Have An Issue With Her Father Being A Rat?”: Renee Doesn’t Care For Karen’s New Friend In This Mob Wives Sneak

"Now Renee is insulting me."

For the past two seasons, the once tight-knit clan that is Karen, Ang, Renee, and Drita had some major rifts when the Philly girls stepped on the scene, causing the girls to turn on one another. Well, now that they’re gone, the love is back and Renee is excited to get back with her girls minus all the “extraness” and drama.

When Karen mentions bringing a “new friend,” Brittany Fogarty, along to the mermaid parade, Renee is quick to express her distaste for the idea because Karen’s friends father “cooperated” and Renee has no cheese for rats. She’s not feeling Karen’s new friend already because last time new people came, well, you know.

Meeting this new chick beforehand seems like a very smart idea, but Karen’s not a fan of Renee passing judgment on someone just because their father cooperated, that hits a little too close to home for her. Do you think Renee is making too big of a deal for something Brittany didn’t even do?

Mob Wives premieres Wednesday, January 13th, and 8/7c!

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