“You’re Either Gonna Trust Me Or You’re Not”: Meet Brittany, The Newest Mob Wife

"I think Brittany is definitely gonna be a s--t talker."

Newbie Brittany is young, beautiful, and a bit of a tomboy. Raised in Pennsylvania because her family was relocated by the government after both of her parents were busted for, ahem “illegal activities”, she brings a fresh presence to this group. She’s back in Staten Island because of her family and friends but don’t let her calm demeanor in this clip fool you as she is described as also being a “hot head” (what’s one more, right?)

Having known Karen for several years, her transition into the group should be a smooth one (hopefully) and the ladies seem to have taken a liking to her, after all “she was built for this life!”

Get to know Brittany and catch the season premiere of Mob Wives, Wednesday January 13th at 8/7c!

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