We Asked Troian Bellisario Which Main Pretty Little Liars Girl Could’ve Been “A”

Does her answer surprise you?

Pretty Little Liars stans, it’s time. Season 6B premieres tonight on Freeform (formerly ABC Family–confusing, we know), and it’s a new ball game. We finally know who “Big A” is, which we’ll leave out of this post to shield you from spoilers, and we jump five years forward. You know what that means? The four main girls–gasp!–will actually play their own ages. What sorcery is this?!

With the “Big A” cat out of the bag, we have lots of fresh, new intrigue ahead. Will Hanna and Caleb get married? Will Aria and Ezra’s age-inappropriate relationship live on? How is Spencer going to deal with those bangs?

Speaking of Spencer, we caught up with Troian Bellisario last week and talked all things PLL. Prior to the “Big A” reveal, many fans–this writer included–were positive Aria, Hanna, Spencer or Emily was the black-hoodied betch. Most thought Aria, but I secretly hoped for a little Hanna action. Sadly, we were all wrong.


But what does Bellisario think? Is it possible one of the orignal Liars could’ve been “Big A”? She says hell no.

“Everyone always likes the secret, ’Ooh! Aria is ’A’!’ but I could never imagine one of the girls being ’A’ because it would involve such intense levels of self torture,” Bellisario dished. “That would mean that Aria would choose to staple herself to a wall with plastic wrap at a construction site, or Emily would plaster the bathroom with pictures of her kissing Maya season one when she hadn’t come out yet.”

She has a point. What living psycho would choose to publicly out herself at 16 just to get the “A” scent off her? That’s exactly how Bellisario feels.

“I can’t imagine these girls being like, ’Yeah! This is what I’m ’gonna do with my week,'” she said. “’I’m just ’gonna torture the crap out of myself just in case any of the other girls get suspicious of me down the line.'”

Yup. That would be crazy–even for PLL standards. Sorry, #AriaIsA enthusiasts, it looks like this is the final nail in this theory’s coffin.

Do you agree with Bellisario? Are you excited about the new season? Sound off in the comments below.