Dis Tew Much: Is Amina Thinking Of Leaving Love & Hip Hop?

Will Amina finally decide to stop airing her dirty laundry on television?

Man, three seasons in, and Amina still can’t catch a break. After being involved in one of reality television’s most dramatic love triangles, for what feels like forever, one has to wonder just how much can Mrs. Pankey take?

This season alone we not only find out that all three of these lovebirds lived in the same building, but that Amina was pregnant, decided to get an abortion when she found out Tara and Peter were hanging out again, and then talk about adding insult to injury, this week Tara dropped the “p” bomb, and revealed she was pregnant by Peter as well.

Aye curumba!!! Has Amina’s struggle to make Peter a one-woman-man reached the breaking point yet? Enough to make her call it quits with Peter and the show? Find out if Amina is Amina is ready to move on, or still likes that her life is open book.

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