Lexxy Turned to Treach From Naughty By Nature In Last Night’s Episode Of Love & Hip Hop

"Hip Hop Hoorayyyyyyy Hoooooo"

BBOD hasn’t been on deck lately because Miss Moe Money’s actions have been giving their group a bad rep. Lexxy is tired of it all and turns to her mentor/uncle Treach from legendary froup Naughty By Nature, for advice. A lot of the older audience would definitely know how big of a deal Treach is but for those of you who don’t know, aside from being a part of one of the most iconic rap groups in history (you down with OPP? Yea you know me!), Treach is also an actor, best known for his roles in Wolf of Wall Street,Up In The Air, and 8 Mile. His talent pallet is very sturdy so don’t sleep, Lexxy most definitely went to the right person for advice.

Instead of worrying about who went to who for advice, the girls should just take the advice because they definitely need it. What do you think is the fate of BBOD?

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