I’m Gonna Need To See That Again: Drita Unleashes Her Frustration On Renee

"You know why I call everybody dildos? 'Cause that's the fakest bunch of d***s I've ever saw in my f***in' life." - Drita

Wednesday night’s dual season premiere of Mob Wives left us speechless. From Love Majewski’s unexpected return and apology to Carla to new additions Brittany and Marissa battling it out at a vineyard, the start of season six was nothing short of explosive. However, the most jaw-dropping moment of the night was when Drita flipped the switch on Renee.

When Renee tells Drita what Love said to Carla at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, Drita is angry that no one defended her. “Did anyone tell Love that she’s full of s***?”, asks Drita. When Renee says no, Drita sarcastically replies with “Figures. Really nice to know everyone’s got my back.” In addition, Drita states in her confessional, “This is how dumb f***in’ hoes form a crew. They have nothing in common except hating me.”

As the conversation continues Drita begins calling out Renee and Karen for being fake and phony because they have started hanging out with Carla again. From Drita’s perspective, she doesn’t understand how the three women could have hated each other for so long and then suddenly be cool with one another. Let’s take a look back at some of the moments Drita was referring to:

  • Renee and Carla Fight – Back in Season One, when Renee had some not-so-nice comments about Carla’s boyfriend, a dinner between the women takes a disastrous hair pulling turn as disagreements escalate and Renee and Carla come to blows.

  • Carla and Karen Defend Their Sides – In Season Two Karen and Carla meet up to discuss Drita and tempers start to flare.

  • Carla Trash Talks Renee – While getting their nails done, Carla vents to Drita and Big Ang about Renee’s puppet ways.

  • Carla and Renee Have A Brunch Battle – On the Season Three premiere episode Ang and Drita play referee as Carla and Renee confront one another about all of the rumors they have been hearing on the street.

  • Is it wrong that Karen and Renee made up with Carla and are friends again? Is Drita over-reacting? Whose side are you on? Rewatch the moments above and share your thoughts/comments below!