How Did Love Majewski’s 15 Second Appearance Totally Change the Course of Mob Wives‘ Final Season?

"Drita confirmed now I do believe Love."

Just when all of the original Mob Wives were in a good place, Love Majewski reemerged on the season premiere causing quite a stir.

When the former mob wife barreled through the Coney Island Mermaid Parade to greet Karen and Renee, Carla was buggin’ because she didn’t know if Love was going to try and pull punches like she did in the past. Turns out Love had some intel about someone else (cough*Drita*cough) really being behind their brawl at the ’80s party.

We asked the ladies, including Drita, what they really thought when Majewski appeared in the crowd. Could Drita really have turned on Carla so long ago? Why should Carla trust Love over Drita?

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