“Joseline Hernandez Ain’t Got Time For That”: A Look Back At The Best Shady One Liners From Your Favorite Puerto Rican Princess

"I didn't know I would be a star like I am."

Joseline Hernandez is best known for her blunt and uncensored opinions. It takes her zero seconds to check a b—h and if you come for her, you better make sure that you’re thoroughly prepared. Seems like every girl Joseline has encountered wasn’t able to measure up to her boss puta level and she made sure to humble them quick. Don’t even think about coming near her man, there’s no sharing that beefcake (unless she welcomes you to, of course). Take a look back at the snappy comebacks and all around funny one-liners from the Puerto Rican Princess to get you ready for her spin-off.

We hope Hollywood is ready! Don’t miss the season premiere of Stevie J and Joseline Go Hollywood Monday January 25th at 9/8c!

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