Someone Almost Got Dragged Down The Runway: Take A Look At The Cast Commentary In This Week’s Check Yourself

"You're like a puppet, Alexis!"

blew up (not in the good way) and Lexxy went to her old friend Rah Ali to ask her to be her manager since since she doesn’t want to work with Miss Moe Money no moe! Judging by her face watching this clip, looks like Moe is shocked to see how quick her sis flipped by going to the one person who was always very vocal about how she feels about Moe.

The fashion show Rah asked Lexxy to walk in went left before it even started. Remy was quick to check a chick and Rah couldn’t even be mad, after all Remy’s resume says “rapper and assaults b—s”. But how does the cast feel now that all is said and done? Their feelings are all right here in this week’s Check Yourself.

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