K. Michelle Slams Football Players’ Revealed Comments About “Dark” Woman on Social Media

They apparently forgot we can see how offensive they are. Or worse, just don't care.

When you put something into the cyber world, it will always come back to haunt you. Arizona Cardinals’ Tony Jefferson and former football player Brennan Clay are learning that the hard way today. Offensive comments they made about a woman being “dark” on a photo have been revealed and K. Michelle jumped into the conversation to shut it down.

Here, you can see the comments made by the two men-both African American, by the way-37 weeks ago. One says: “Ay pony you want that dark ass one in the middle too?” and the other: “Haha the dark bish can go.”

37 weeks ago, these immature and ignorant boys didn’t know what would be coming for them, because they’re about to be verbally crucified by the Internet.

Here’s Jefferson, 23.


And Clay, 24.


Did they seriously think no one would see this eventually? Do they blindly think they’re being funny and just don’t care? And did we mention Clay was arrested for assaulting his wife last year? Real stand-up guys we’re dealing with here.

Luckily, K. Michelle gave the perfect and appropriate response, taking part in her “research” and going in on their small minds, and penises, defending the beauty of this woman (not that it needed defending) and even calling to ESPN for action:

“See normally I don’t say anything but if you have a platform you speak up. These two African American clown ass football players play for the @azcardinals Their comments towards the dark skin woman in this post was just disgusting. I did research and you 2 little hobbits have a long way to go before you have the right to crack jokes on anybody due to the color of their skin. You both seem to show symptoms and signs of the short dick syndrome. If you didn’t play football believe me NO ONE would be checking for you. You know you can be a lame with money right??? The black woman is the most beautiful most copied human. I find it sad that you are what we have as representation of the black man. I pray my son never grows up to have such a corrupted soul. @espn we are asking for a race trade we no longer need their services. It’s one thing to like what you like. I’m all for dating outside your race if you want, but to down another because of their skin tone? FOH. I’ve dated outside my race and will date whoever loves me, but this was just in poor taste. Really mean spirited.”

Meanwhile, Clay is out here posting this:

But Jefferson jumped in to say he’s sorry:

TSR STAFF: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue _____________________________________ Football player, Tony Jefferson decided to step into The Shade Room to clear things up and to give an apology to those who were offended by his words: _____________________________________ “This is so crazy! First off, I didn’t post that picture…I only commented on it. I said ‘Ay pony you want that dark ass one in the middle too’ only because ‘Pony’, who is one of my boys said he wanted a black woman. It was obviously a joke. My mom and sister who I love are black. My ex girlfriend is darker than me so I know she is cracking up right now. But honestly I would never disrespect my people. Unfortunately, the readers are only — read more at TheShadeRoom.com (link in bio)

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Did this happen? Are we in 2016 or am I deranged? While I sit and try to figure out how two grown men can PUBLICLY be so hurtful and senseless, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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