Masika Kalysha and Fetty Wap Are Having a Baby Girl (and Are Still Hardcore Beefing on Social Media)

"I gave u 6 months to be a man."

The saga between Masika Kalysha, Fetty Wap, and their unborn baby continues.

Kin Cordell

In a new interview with US Weekly, the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star reveals that she has asked her ex-boyfriend for a paternity test several times but he refuses to give her one. She also explains that their relationship was more than a fling, with the two even house hunting in the Hollywood Hills and FaceTiming with his mother. It wasn’t until Kalysha had her breast implants removed and discovered that she was pregnant, that things took a turn because Fetty didn’t want to have any more children.

Then, some good news, via Snapchat Masika seemed to confirm that she and Fetty were expecting a girl. In a video, captured by The Shade Room, Masika wrote, “Where you goin little girl?”

The good news only lasted for a minute before Fetty came out the Twitter gate with more beef.
Then former Love & Hip Hop New York cast member Jhonni Blaze involved herself in a strange way.
But then Masika just had to shut it down, period.

Do you think these two will be able to chill once their baby girl is here?