The Most Awkward Super Bowl Moments of All Time

Some things are worse than losing the big game.

By Brenden Gallagher

We are less than two weeks away from another Super Bowl: the biggest moment of the sports year and the most watched spectacle in media. A lot of people have a lot invested in the big game going off without a hitch. Not only do Roger Goodell and the thirty-two owner cartel in control of the NFL want things to go well, but the brands who bought ad time, the artists at the halftime show, and the media apparatus that covers, dissects, and repackages the event want things to run smoothly.

Even though there is so much riding on the Super Bowl going well, sometimes it doesn’t. From flubbed plays to botched halftime celebrations, here are the Most Awkward Moments in Super Bowl History.

Indecent Proposal
Super Bowl XLII
January 28, 2008

Super Bowl media has always been a place for ridiculous antics and media stunts. Though there have been a number of great Media Day moments over the years, one the all-time best was when AztecaTV reporter Ines Gomez Mont’s proposed to Tom Brady during a press Q&A.

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