This Is the Hot New Dude Selena Gomez Held Hands With This Weekend

He's kind of perfect.

Remember when Selena Gomez told Rolling Stone a couple of weeks ago that she’s “so beyond done” talking about Justin Bieber? Well, this might be one reason why.

Selena did not keep her hands to herself this past weekend when she stepped out with a mystery man. The singer, who had previously been linked to Niall Horan, was out with a totally not famous, but totally hot dude. The two were spotted leaving Los Angeles’ SLS Hotel when paparazzi caught them looking like this:

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Who is this man holding Selena’s hand, you ask? His name is Samuel Krost and not only is he hot, he’s smart, too. He graduated cum laude from NYU in 2015, according to his LinkedIn page, which also reveals that he used to work for Helmut Lang. That tidbit brings me to my next point: He’s hella stylish. He’s also friends with Gigi Hadid and has hung out with Selena a number of times before, according to HollywoodLife, who linked the two together back in November.

A quick glance at Samuel’s Instagram also shows that he’s a churchgoer—or at least, he likes pastors. Here he is hanging out with Pastor Joel Houston from Hillsong, the same church that Justin Bieber goes to.

Other notes: Samuel is kind of, maybe, sorta artsy, according to this pic.


He’s a dog-lover.


He’s a work in progress. (So important.)


And, yeah, he’s pretty hot.


In other words, he’s perfect. Selena, girl, I applaud you. Well done, well done.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.