Sam Smith Apparently Just Realized Racism Is Alive and Well and People Are Pissed


They say you don’t really know how something feels until it happens to you. Well, Sam Smith apparently didn’t know that racism in London was a thing until he saw it happen to his friend.

Sam took to Twitter last night to “shine some sort of light” on a racist encounter his friend had experienced. “Just experienced my friend getting verbally abused racially in London,” he tweeted. “I am absolutely SPEECHLESS. I never ever ever ever thought that would happen here.” He added that the police were “so unhelpful” in the situation and that he was “SO UPSET” and “deeply shocked.” He also noted how “fitting” it was that when he got home, Nina Simone was playing on the radio.

Sam didn’t reveal what exactly went down during this racist encounter, but soon after his tweets, news outlets wasted no time calling Sam out for whitesplaining racism. Twitter also fired back at Sam for (1.) showing that he might have been completely oblivious to racism in London beforehand and (2.) making the whole situation about himself.

People have a right to be annoyed, pissed off and/or bothered by Sam’s tweets, but here’s the thing: Sam is white. Do you think he’s ever been verbally abused racially? Are we really surprised that he would be so “shocked” to see racism in action? Sam is famous, rich and he’s only 23. It’s not that uncommon for someone of his standing to have just realized how deep-rooted racism really is.

Nonetheless, people are pissed. Check out what some Twitter users had to say about it and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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