Alexis Arquette Doesn’t Want to Hear Jada Pinkett Smith’s Oscar Comments Until She and Will Come Out of the Closet

It's 2016, and people are still "outing" people. SMH.

This is still happening in 2016, guys?

Trans actress Alexis Arquette–sister of Oscar winner Patricia–attempted to publicly “out” Will and Jada Pinkett Smith in a recent Facebook post. Arquette appears fired up over the fact Jada Pinkett is vocal about the recent Academy Award nominations lacking racial diversity but seemingly silent when it comes to the LGBTQIA community–a community the Blended actress thinks the Smiths are a part of. Read the head-scratching post below.

But Arquette makes a colossal error here. Outing is not healthy. Coming out on your own terms is. Even though they’ve been plagued with homosexual rumors their entire careers, the Smiths do not have to answer to anybody about anything. Sexuality is a private matter that can take people years–sometimes decades–to come to terms with. For Arquette to even allude to the Smiths’ sexualities is invasive, insensitive and seismically regresses the LGBTQIA movement.

For this to come from a transgender individual is even more sinister. How would Arquette feel if a third-party attempted to out her before she was ready? As a gay man, I would be furious and devastated if someone exposed my sexuality before I was ready to open up. It robs the individual of organically coming to terms with himself. And that’s really screwed up.

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More importantly, what do Will and Jada Pinkett’s orientations have to do with the Academy’s racial blind spot? Whether or not they are gay doesn’t negate the fact the Oscars are, in fact, so white. JP’s point is still valid whether or not she comes out of the closet–if she even has to.

Arquette’s post is nothing more than a sad attempt to equate the black and gay struggles. They’re not the same and are each deserving of mainstream advocacy. This particular conversation is about race–sexuality has nothing to do with it.

Sorry, Arquette, we’re against you here.