This Live Version Of Toto’s “Rosanna” Will Cure Your Ills

Watch the full Toto: 35th Anniversary Live In Poland concert this Friday at 9/8C on Palladia.

Toto’s song “Rosanna” may have reached its peak in the ’80s as part of their Grammy Award-winning album Toto IV, but it’s still a treat to see the legendary pop-rock band perform it in concert. Check out this live version of the hit song from the group’s 35th anniversary blowout in Poland. The free jam in the outro is all you need to get through the day.

Want more Toto? You can watch the full Toto: 35th Anniversary Live In Poland show this Friday, June 5th, at 9/8C on Palladia.

So was the song really named after the actress Rosanna Arquette, whom Toto’s Steve Porcaro dated back in the day? According to the band’s songwriter and keyboardist David Paich, it was not. The more you know.

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