“MariahLynn, This Ain’t That Type Of Party G-d Damnit! Stop Thinking With That Slutty Mentality!” The Ladies Of Love & Hip Hop Take A Look Back At The Episode

"I'm the ill instigating queen, you know what I'm shayingggg?"

Cardi B is CRAZY, and everyone loves it. As the ladies look back at the last episode of Love & Hip Hop, MariahLynn and Bianca Bonnie can’t help but laugh even though they were talking serious business about their beef with BBOD. Bianca claims their common beef with BBOD is what made her become friends with MariahLynn. As Bianca and Cardi look back at the scene of Miss Moe Money in the studio with Yandy, their general feeling is that Moe should just stick to “Tatatalicious” because they don’t get what she’s talking about in her rhymes. All thumbs down from the ladies. Cardi’s just proud of the fact that she brought Bianca and MariahLynn together in friendship out of their hate for BBOD.

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