Elizabeth Banks, Dascha Polanco and Other Celebrities Just Erased Abortion’s Ugliest Stereotypes

Their new PSA is very powerful.

Abortion is one of our nation’s most polarizing topics, and it’s only getting more attention with the Whole Women’s Health v. Cole Supreme Court case coming up. (If you’re unfamiliar, the case could lead to the shutdown of 75 percent of abortion clinics in Texas.) The primary ammunition pro-lifers have against pro-choice supporters is the grossly misinformed notion women who have abortions are careless and reckless.

But a new campaign starring Elizabeth Banks, Dascha Polanco and five other celebrities turns that idea on its head. It’s called “Draw the Line,” created by The Center for Reproductive Rights. The two-minute PSA we included below shows Banks, Polanco, Bellamy Young, Mercedes Mason, Amy Brenneman, Retta and Mary McCormack reading monologues written by real women who had abortions.

Polanco “plays” Kayleigh, a full-time student who didn’t feel ready to have children when she became pregnant. Banks “plays” Rebecca, a woman who had an abortion after parting ways with an abusive partner. The five other actresses also portray similar IRL women with nuanced, complicated reasons for having abortions.

Embedded from www.youtube.com.