Enrolling In Degrassi: The Retrospective Social Agenda

Because even in 2016, it still goes there.

-by James Dinh

Tapping into the angst, confusion and overall challenges that face your average teenager can be a difficult feat to tackle. Just ask the eight percent of them across the globe, as per the current Population Pyramid. Still, somehow the Degrassi brand has always been able to successful plunge their way through everything from teen pregnancy to school shootings, and a string of social topics in between.

For a series that has always embraced such an envelope pushing agenda, it’s certainly seen its share of cycles, which have continuously introduced new generations to its boundary breaking legacy and even jumpstarted the career of one of today’s finest rap titans. In honor of the latest series in the franchise, Degrassi: The Next Class, which premiered on Netflix in mid-January, VH1 wanted to take a look back at the show’s progressive attitude since its early days.

In an effort to dissect the series’ agenda, VH1 spoke with a few twentysomething fans to see just what they thought about the social issues dealt with in three different cycles: Degrassi Junior High, Degrassi: The Next Generation and Degrassi: Next Class. Because if there’s one thing that that Degrassi likes to do, it’s introduce social topics, and dissect them, and react to them and explore them with friends and ultimately attempt to learn from them. Take a look below!

Episode: “Kiss Me, Steph” – Season 1 of Degrassi Junior High (1987)

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