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Here’s Why Black People Don’t Need to Listen to Macklemore’s “White Privilege II” After Today

We got our own problems.

by Michael Arceneaux

I awakened to my social media feeds being clogged with conversation about Macklemore. I try not to pretend Macklemore exists. Not because he’s a white rapper doing Black art, it’s not that deep, I simply find his music to be especially bland. He has good ideas, but as an actual emcee, I find him to be the audible equivalent of unseasoned chicken breasts. There is a Glee, an overall musical theater-like quality to his style of rapping, but it’s simply not for me.

However, because Macklemore is white, male, and straight, whatever he does tends to command immediate attention. So, out of curiosity, I listened to “White Privilege II.”

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