Tyga Hung Out with a Girl Who Is Kylie Jenner’s Living Twin

Who is this? Where's Kylie? I'm freaked out.

Alright Tyga, explain these shenanigans. Explain them right now.

Us Weekly reports the rapper hung out with an aspiring model and singer named Val Mercado on Thursday. This is especially fishy, given the tabloid reported Tyga cheated on longtime girlfriend Kylie Jenner with another model, Annalu Cardoso. So, what does this mean? Is Tyga trying to replace Jenner? Was he just playing checkers with this chick? What has our world come to?

And the craziest part about all of this? Mercado is literally Jenner’s living twin. No, seriously. They look exactly alike and each have a serious penchant for selfies. Don’t believe us? Allow Mercado’s Instagram to do the talking, and prepare to lose your s–t. (Word of advice, Tyga: Jenner is an actual queen. Hold her tight.)

  • Like Jenner, Mercado is a supporter of hats and lips that may or may not be cosmetically enhanced.

  • Eyebrows are very important to both Jenner and Mercado. In fact, they might share the same pair.

  • Like Jenner, Mercado uses witchcraft to turn her hair all sorts of whimsical colors. On this day, she was feeling blue.

  • They’re both also connoisseurs in taking photos of their stomachs.

  • Are these Mercado’s lips? Jenner’s lips? YOU’LL NEVER KNOW BECAUSE THEY’RE IDENTICAL.