This Publication Says Aerie’s Size-12 Model Has a “Normal Body,” But We Beg To Differ

Model Barbie Ferreira is gorgeous, but there's a problem here.

Your new role model is only 19 years old. A pioneer of promoting healthy body image at any size, model Barbie Ferreira is stunning on the outside and from the looks of her message, morals and standpoints, on the inside, too. The voluptuous babe is getting showered with the praise she deserves, as the latest model featured in Aerie’s non-Photoshopped #AerieREAL campaign. However, a certain publication is unintentionally turning this glorious step in body empowerment into a form of body-shaming and I don’t think even Barbie herself would approve.

Last week, Aerie gave us a teaser for the ads featuring Barbie, where she embraces her body and says:

“It’s very important to me, people knowing that that’s what I look like without anyone’s perception of what my body needs to look like. The world needs more women who are so strong… That’s the most powerful thing in the world and it inspires me.”

Take a look here:

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