B.o.B, an Adult, Thinks the Earth Is Flat + the Internet Can’t Handle It

Science time.

B.o.B, known best for his song “Airplanes” with Hayley Williams, is very much an adult. According to the Internet, his birthday is Nov. 15, 1988. That makes him 27. Despite this fact, B.o.B made a plea on Twitter this weekend the Earth is flat, a popular thought among children who haven’t had the fourth grade space lesson yet. But B.o.B. who, again, is an adult, thinks this. Do you see where we are confused?

Take a gander at B.o.B.’s Twitter rant, which began with a photo he posted of himself frolicking in the snow.

The rapper seems to think the Earth must be flat because no one has tumbled off the curve like Humpty Dumpty. Other factors like gravity don’t seem to be on his mind. If we can’t physically feel a curve, then there isn’t one. In other words, every scientist who ever lived is wrong, and B.o.B. now makes astronomical law.

Twitter users noticed B.o.B’s absurdity and were quick to give him a science lesson or, at the very least, a diss.

But it was physicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson who finally shut B.o.B down with a string of science-y, shady tweets. This guy is our new hero.

Who knew reaaaaading could be so academic? Praise Tyson on this one. And hopefully B.o.B. took a few seats–on this round Earth–after reading ’em.

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