Rob Kardashian Expertly Trolled His Whole Family With This Blac Chyna Meme

He's probably in his room right now ignoring all of Kris and Kim's calls.

Just as people have finally wrapped their heads around the fact that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are dating, Rob came through on Instagram to troll his entire family about it.

Blac let us know yesterday that she and Rob are spending sexy time together by posting a selfie with—yes—his arm. Rob, who recently deleted all of his Instagrams except for one (???), posted a picture of Blac today. It’s actually a meme and it’s pretty suggestive. And hella trolly.
The caption field reads: “☘☘☘☘☘.” Hollywood Life claims this emoji is a “secret message that proves he’s [Blac’s] man.” It’s that deep already, folks.

Rob’s Instagram is genius-level trolling because (1) it brings up the idea of Rob having a baby with Blac, (2) it’s ONE DAY after their relationship went public and (3) he almost definitely did this from the comfort of his room. You know it’s been a while since he’s left. His post probably has Kris Jenner halfway through a bottle of wine, Khloe working out for an extra hour and Kim making feeble attempts to rekindle her friendship with Blac. Kourtney’s somewhere with her kids, not giving a hoot about any of this.

Well done, Rob. You troll, you.

1/2 Cartoon, 1/2 Beyhive.