Lessons Rihanna and Drake Can Teach You About Being Cut Buddies

Lesson #2: It's never necessary to confirm or deny your little situation.

Rihanna and Drake have one of the most mysterious relationships today. The two have been on and off for the past several years and though neither one ever dares to speak out about spending sexy time with the other, incidents like Rihanna leaving a city dressed in Drake’s clothes lead us to believe that they do occasionally get naked—probably only when Rihanna wants to.

Though RiRi and Drizzy don’t publicly claim each other, there’s definitely an understanding between them as far as what they are to one another, i.e. cut buddies, and if there’s one thing to take away from their consistently concealed relationship, it’s how to succeed as such. Get out your notepad and pen, people, and take note of the following lessons.

It’s Cut Buddying 101, y’all. Class is in session.

  • Throwing subs is always a good idea.


    Drake rarely name-drops Rihanna in his songs, although he did say her name on “Made Men” by Rick Ross: “One of my baddest women ever, I call her Rihanna / But that’s cause her name is Rihanna!”

    It’s assumed that in songs like “Fireworks” featuring Alicia Keys, “Days In The East” and “5AM In Toronto,” Drake’s rapping about RiRi, but he never actually says her name. Lesson learned: When in doubt, sub the CB.

  • It’s never necessary to confirm or deny your little situation.


    One of the major rules of being cut buddies is that you do not need to tell anyone that you’re sleeping together. RiRi and Drake have been hanging out for years and neither one feels the need to tell the world when, where or if they’re even together. And why would they? It’s no one’s business, y’all.

  • Getting naked together equals not exclusivity.

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    RiRi and Drake have mastered the notion of seeing each other privately while seeing other people (somewhat) publicly. One day Rihanna might feel like hanging on a yacht with Leonardo DiCaprio and the next, Drake might want to cozy up next to Serena Williams. Somehow, neither is phased by any of this. Cut buddying: It’s an art.

  • You should definitely use each other as much as you want.


    Maybe it’s for ratings, sex, dinners, validation, whatever. You should always be using your CB for something.

  • That includes advancing each others’ careers.


    Rihanna’s feature on “Take Care” helped Drake advance his own career and his features on songs like “What’s My Name” and “Work” help RiRi’s because, well, fans love it when these two are together. As with all things in life, your thinking in your CB situation should be about how the hell it is going to help you further yourself. Stay woke, y’all.

  • Most importantly, make sure you know your buddy’s name.

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    Whether you and your CB are on or off, make sure you 100% know who to call when you want some action. Write it on your wall, say it 10 times fast, do what you have to do, but don’t forget it.

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