Ashley Nicole Says Kirk Isn’t Her “Cup Of Tea,” Defends Her Behavior Towards Rasheeda

The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta newbie says a woman of Rasheeda's age shouldn't get out of character like she did.

Ashely Nicole is new to the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta world and this week the tension between she and Rasheeda finally exploded. VH1 chatted with the singer about working with Kirk, Rasheeds real age, and being “discovered” in a bar.

On Monday’s episode we saw you rehearsing for your tour but there’s this conflict with you and Rasheeda, how did you ladies come to such blows?
Ashley Nicole: Well, basically, Kirk and I are on a very tight schedule so we needed to go ahead and head out of town. And they were having some sort of heated conversation in the driveway when I pulled up. I was just like “Kirk, come on.” I said hello to Rasheeda, I loved that red hat she was wearing, it was very cute. I said “I love your hat.” Of course, she was in the middle of having a conversation so I seemed to have ‘interrupted her’ so she got upset and started, you know, charging towards the car. Calling me b—h, calling me a ho, and all of these things. And I wouldn’t have expected that to come from a grown mother of however many kids and a wife, my boss’s wife, and the VP of the company I’m signed to so I just did not expect for her to have gotten out of character like that.

You were making a lot of comments about Rasheeda’s age and how old she is, how old do you think she really is? Because if you Google her it says she is 32.
Yep, she sure is 32 [Laughs] Regardless of your age, if you’re a mother and you’ve been through as much as she claims to been through, and have accomplished so much, you should never let anything get you out of character and she was completely out of character.

How did you even come to be involved with DLO Entertaintment? How did Kirk discover you?
He had some drinks at my job. He used to come to my job, I was a bartender at some point. He likes to drink tequila, and I like to drink tequila, so after a few shots of tequila he was like “So what do you do?” and I was like “Well I sing, I write” and he was like “Well let me hear your stuff, let me hear you.” I gave him what I could, and he was like “Wow, I really think you have a lot of talent and I could really help you out.” That’s how it happened.

Did you sing for him at the bar, or like pass a demo along?
Yep, I let him listen to my SoundCloud and I sang a little bit live for him.

Did you know the nanny that was on the show that he found at a bar?
No, I never knew her.

I thought maybe it was the same bar.
No it wasn’t. Somebody told me she used to work at The Ubar and I was a little bit more upper class with my bar. The first time we met it was at Suite Lounge, also I’ve been at Prive, I’ve been a couple of other clubs rather than sports bar.

What kind of tequila does Kirk Frost drink?
I think we were drinking Patron, but sometimes we were drinking 1800, anything silver I think. We like silver tequila.

Definitely no gold tequila for you guys.
Not gold [Laughs]

Was there ever a point with Kirk were you thought things were going to get romantic or more personal than professional?
Well, of course not. Kirk’s definitely not my cup of tea. I am a very flirtatious person so I get like that with everyone. So of course I didn’t want anything romantic because he’s obviously married to Rasheeda. I was obviously willing to be open to whatever challenges I was going to face and whatever consequences I was going to face for my actions being what they were.

And aside from the drama with Rasheeda, what’s the experience been like working with Kirk? Do you think he can really make your career happen?
Well, I do most of the work in the studio. Kirk helps a little bit financially, but I’m the one who really is in the studio long hours, I’m the one who writes and arranges my vocals and my lyrics and stuff. So, yeah, he does help out here and there but he’s not very hands on because he has a lot going on with Rasheeda and the company.

Right now are you still signed with DLO?

Girl, what possessed you to sign a five-record contract with him? That’s a lot of records!
Yeah! It is, it’s a lot. I’ve actually had a couple of lawyers look over the contract and it really can get knocked down to two albums if I want it too. But you know, I’m a loyal person, so as long as Kirk wants to continue to work with me and his marital issues don’t get in the way. I’m sure five albums — I wouldn’t mind five albums.

Was joining a hit show like Love & Hip Hop Atlanta intimidating at all? Are you from Atlanta?
Yes, I was raised here in Atlanta. I’ve been here since 1998. The show wasn’t intimidating, I kind of watched it all at one time. I get such a good vibe with Kirk, and I trusted him, I still do, but I trusted him at the time to put me in a great position and kind of launch me forward. I was not expecting all the issues of course, but you know, I guess it just may come with the territory.