These Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa + Amber Rose Beef Memes Are Better Than Their Actual Fight

Call an ambulance.

Citizens of the world are still fanning themselves over the epic Twitter feud between Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. In a nutshell, Khalifa got ticked at West for changing his album name from SWISH to WAVES. West then called Khalifa skinny. Amber Rose jumped in and started talking about fingers. It got messy. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency. The troops are currently swarming the streets beginning disaster relief.

But from this epic war of words came something hilarious: memes. Yes, the Internet took to this squabble like a fish to water and pumped out hundreds of hysterical GIFs and memes. The consensus from all of them? We’re still ducking for cover in fear of this fiery eruption. Oh, and we all really want to know ~how~ many fingers. Don’t know what we’re talking about? 1. Catch up on the feud, then 2. Check out these memes. One tip, though: Have an ambulance on speed dial.

Can you see everything clearly?

Where. Is. The. Chill?

My virgin heart!


What are you doing in broad daylight?

Pure shock.

Set me on fire right now.


Battle time.

Wait…is that it, though?

Damn it…this will be a Wheel of Fortune question now.

Look to the light!

Brace yourself, Kim.

Bish, what?!

The greatest fight of the century.

Even Jay-Z is getting the hell out of dodge.

Watch Rose and her Slut Walk attendees face their slut-shamers head on in the clip below.