Stevie J Talks About Being Hooked On Cocaine “Every Day, Every Week”

Stevie's relationship with cocaine all started in New York City...

It’s public knowledge that Stevie J has struggled with drug addiction for some time, and recently Stevie chose to go in detail with about his past addiction to cocaine, and how it actually started.

“Man, I was at the Trump in New York City. All my buddies use to do it and you know I use to say, I’m cool, you know, I smoke my weed. And it was just a plethora of women around and everybody was in it and I was like ’Let me try that.’ Tried it once, I woke up the next morning like ’Yo, what happened?'” he told the hosts of the Rickey Smiley Show.

Stevie, who has now cleaned up his act since going to rehab on the last season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, goes on to tell how heavy his use got, and also touched on where he and Joseline stand.

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