“I’m Clean As A Whistle…Blow Me, Cisco”: MariahLynn Is Feeling All Types Of Ways In This Week’s Check Yourself

"If you laying with a chick, and she f---s your best friend or admitted she was a hoe, send her ass to the car wash."

MariahLynn put herself in a situation where she basically played herself, double dutching between Rich Dollaz and Cisco on this week’s Love & Hip Hop, but things got even crazier when Cisco called his old friend and his new girl “dirty.” Anyone would feel offended by that, but Cisco ain’t here for that. “You’re insulted? I’m insulted that you insulted!” he cries. On the positive side. at least they offered a safe sex PSA.

And when it came to Rich’s suggestion that the three of them have a little menage a trois, MariahLynn is not having it. “My final words for the Creep Squad is “f– you, f— you f— you all, Creep Squad!” Not so fast MariahLynn, seems like they think you should join the team too as first lady Creepette. They tried it!

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