Beyonce Transforms Into a Mystical Bollywood Goddess in Coldplay’s New Video

Chris Martin owes her one for this.

Coldplay and Beyonce are slated to perform at this year’s Super Bowl and according to Science, there’s a 93 percent chance that the pair will give the live debut of their new song, “Hymn For The Weekend.” There’s a 7 percent chance that Bey will drop a surprise album that night, but that’s just wishful thinking at this point.

Coldplay premiered the video for “Hymn” yesterday. In it, Chris Martin wanders through what appears to be India with the rest of the band. While riding in the backseat of a car, Chris becomes intrigued by a woman whose face is plastered on a nearby billboard. She appears to be a Bollywood superstar and she is played by Beyonce.

The first glimpse we get of Bey in action is of her climbing up a stone staircase, which may or may not have been anywhere near where Coldplay was filming. Much like Bey’s appearance in Madonna’s “Bitch I’m Madonna” video, it’s unclear whether or not she actually showed up for this shoot because she doesn’t ever appear in any of the same scenes as the band. And yet, you get the feeling that she’s omnipresent.

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