Azealia Banks Went on a Bizarre Pro-Donald Trump Twitter Rant You Have to Read to Believe

"I think Donald trump is evil like America is evil and in order for America to keep up with itself it needs him." (???)

Kanye West, hand over your crazy Twitter rant crown to Azealia Banks. The “212” singer just bested West’s insane social media monologue from last week–you know, the one that involved Wiz Khalifa, Amber Rose and “cool pants.” And how did she do that? By endorsing–wait for it–Donald Trump.

Yup, Banks is an (unexpected) Trump stan, which she made very clear on Twitter today. In more than a dozen consecutive, nonsensical tweets, Banks (who hates the United States) made it very clear she is indeed voting for the ’Merica-lovin’ toupéed, wonder. According to Banks–now a political scholar–Trump deserves the presidency because he is an overt asshole. And because America (in her mind) is an asshole of a country, it’s a match made in douche heaven. This is literally the weirdest endorsement in history. Just check out a few of Banks’ “pro-Trump” messages:

So basically, Banks thinks Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Trump are all jerks, but Trump wins because he is the most up front about it. A few of Banks’ hip-hop peers disagree. (Snoop Dogg is a Clinton supporter, and Killer Mike hearts Sanders.)

She then reached peak Banks by talking about how much America sucks, which doesn’t even surprise us at this point.

Banks got philosophical for a second, and she actually made a few good points–but they’re all padded down in crazy.

She closes out her spiel by throwing some love (?) to Trump. Is this even positive, though? She straight up called the dude evil. (Either way, she’s voting for him, so we’re sure he doesn’t really give a s–t.)

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