Yorma Is Not Playing With DJ Self: Yorma Plots To Pop Up On Self’s Side Chick In This Love & Hip Hop Sneak

"There's just a small a part of me that doesn't trust that Self really changed."

Yorma is beginning to have doubts that Self is being faithful to her — that’s what you get when you deal with a member of the Creep Squad! And in this sneak peek for next week’s episode, Yorma is not buying what Self is selling. Although they were in a good place when Self introduced Yorma to his daughter, Yorma’s sister has been doing a little IG investigation of her own and convinces her sister to pull up on Self’s side chick, Rose, for some answers.

Do you think Yorma should confront the other woman or should she just deal with Self?

Find out on an all new Love & Hip Hop, Monday at 8/7c!

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