“Why Would You Make Her Pregnant…And I’m The One Who Just Killed My Baby?”: Amina’s Heart Is Broken After Learning Tara Is Pregnant

Last week, Amina shared with Peter’s daughter Whitney, her very difficult decision to not continue with her pregnancy because her and Peter were just not at that place to have any more children. Shortly thereafter, Tara broke the news to Peter that she was 18 weeks pregnant and is going to go through with the pregnancy. In this highlight, Peter breaks the news to Amina and she visibly does not take it well, and with every right, seeing as how she just gave up her choice to have another child and Tara is having hers. “Why would you make her pregnant when I’m the one that’s supposed to be pregnant?” Amina tells Peter through tears.

Talk about terrible timing. Definitely a sad situation, any way you look at it.

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