“Trying to Make It to The Shade Room”: Soulja Boy and Nia Went All In on Nas on Instagram

"You can't compete with a woman, he can't leave alone."

The love triangle between Soulja Boy and Nia Riley and Nas Smith isn’t done yet. Over the weekend, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood trio got into some, what else, Instagram beef.

It all started when Nas took to the ’gram to post some alleged texts from Soulja.

Looks like #SouljaBoy has some explaining to do. #NiaRiley #NastassiaSmith

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Nas captioned the exchange, writing, “You can’t compete with a woman, he can’t leave alone. Here’s my public apology that you weren’t man enough to give. Thanks, @SouljaBoy. (@NiaRiley get YOUR man, girl.) #MenLieWomenLieScreenshotsDont”

After the conversation (initiated by Soulja) was exposed, the rapper took to his Instagram to clarify that it wasn’t him and put “his” phone number on Instagram, asking readers to “call [him] now.”

#Opp #SouljaBoy is claiming he never texted #NastassiaSmith (See Previous Post)

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He wrote, “I ain’t text that b—h, she a lie, this my number, call me now.”

Fans however theorized that this was really Nas’s number, not his. The commenters noted that the screenshot shows a contact by the name of “Illmatic” which is the debut album by rapper Nas and suggested that Soulja was really putting Nastassia on blast by posting her number. Sheesh.

Nia got in on the Instagram beef by posting a Meme that said, “Boo, you whore” and pictured a woman holding a phone and laughing.

#NiaRiley throwing shade at #NastassiaSmith (See previous posts)

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Then Dre took to Instagram to post an original song aimed right at Nas.

The “song” features lyrics about “we all trying to make it to The Shade Room” and “these hoes trying to make it to The Shade Room.”

Nia and Soulja pushed through though and posted photos of them celebrating at Omarion and Apryl Jones’ baby shower.
The drama, of course, was all captured by The Shade Room.