Vanity Fair Reminds Us That Hollywood Diversity Also Means Age With Stunning New Spread

Perfect timing.

Everyone has something to say about the recent #OscarsSoWhite controversy. Even if they’re not saying anything, they’re thinking something. On the bright side, it’s brought attention to Hollywood and has sparked epic moments like this SNL skit, this sexy glory from SAG dominator Idris Elba


and Viola’s “diversity is not a trending topic” realness that was served after she scored her SAG Award last weekend.

However, we’ve all developed a bit of tunnel vision, only thinking of the problem as one to do with race. Myself included. That was until Vanity Fair revealed the glorious cover spread for its annual “Hollywood” issue–a cover that celebrates the female actor at any status, color and age.

Showbiz vets like Viola Davis (50), Helen Mirren (70) and Jane Fonda (78) flawlessly vogue, while newcomers including Brie Larson (26), Lupita Nyong’o (32) and Saoirse Ronan (21) proudly pose by their side. They’re of varying ages, races, ethnicities, professional statuses–yet stand so powerfully in unity and and shed light upon not only lack of female opportunity, but also ageism, which have most definitely been overlooked. (Even though these issues have been voiced by stars time and time and time again.)

If you’re fighting the fight to see more diverse actors on your screens, but are only considering one aspect of “diverse,” then what cause are you fighting for, anyway?

BRB as I frame this inspiration, hang it above my fireplace and wonder what Meryl was busy doing the day of this iconic shoot.

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