Derek Is Not Letting Go Of His Baby: Check Out The Hit The Floor Cast Commentary From Episode 303

Zude is still in the closet, but it's a damn sexy closet.

On this week’s Hit The Floor, Derek made it very clear to German that he is coming for Ahsha, and he is not playing. He knew how much Ahsha wanted to be a Devil Girl again and he made sure to make that happen for his little boo. In our cast commentary, we hear from the show’s creator, James LaRosa, about how he orchestrated Derek’s power play to get Ahsha to stay in L.A. And as for German? As Taylour Paige explains, he doesn’t digest this plot point very well!

As for Zude’s steamiest moment of all time? “The sex is fire!” LaRosa tells us. “It’s fantastic, and of course, this being Hit The Floor, it doesn’t last very long.” (LOL.) Check out the rest of our cast commentary now!

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