Kim Kardashian Got Ratchet on Twitter and We Loved it

Pregnant Keeks will cut you with her words.

We’re already obsessed with Kim Kardashian’s second baby, and now her newest addition to the fam is bringing out the bad ass bitch we always knew Kim had in her. Yesterday, Kim had a word with her haters on Twitter and credited her newfound attitude to “Pregnant Keeks.” She swears it wasn’t a rant, but her pointed messages were enough to throw the Twittersphere off its game.

Here’s what happened:

  • We knew Kim was already fed up after dealing with what we assume was morning sickness.

  • Then she announced the launch of her new site, where she’ll put the haters that she’s bound to have on blast.

  • She gave us fair warning, while channeling NeNe Leakes.

  • And stressed the importance of THE TRUTH.

  • Then she reminded us that she’s a boss.

    A BO$$$$$$.

  • And revealed even Twitter was alarmed by her sudden ratchetness.

  • But she’s just being real.

  • Seriously, though. If you piss her off, she’ll come after you.

Who else is mildly scared/loving this side of Kim?

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