“Bisexuality Is Real Beautiful”: What’s Really Going on Between Moniece Slaughter and Milan?

"All my eyes in on one prize and that's Moniece Slaughter."

Wait, hold up. What is really going down between Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Moniece Slaughter and Milan Christopher?

The duo have taken to Instagram to post a series of posts that have us wondering are they just besties or more than friends. You might remembered that Milan said Moniece was the person who told him about Miles’ alleged cheating.

On Monday, Moniece’s #MCM was none other than Milan
With a caption that made it clear, they don’t care about the haters. Moniece wrote, “Ya’ll can hate if you want to… SCREAMIN’ Lil Stupid Ass Bitches… We Ain’t Fuckin Wit Youuuuuu…#MCM #MCE”

Meanwhile, Milan took to Instagram to check his ex-bf Miles.
In the post, the rapper-producer wrote,

Nighas always sending subliminal shots.. The funniest shit I ever read – talking about he has more class but posting pictures from a gay sex fuck hookup site called #jackd. I can honestly say this niggah and all his lies, cheating and whorish ways has made me not to ever want to date another man again. All my eyes in on one prize and that’s @moniece_slaughter .. I guess I been #delivert And that’s 100 I’m assuming I’m Bisexual now!

Now, wait a minute? Is Milan just making a joke about being bisexual and these two are just close friends?

Based on his response to a fan, we’re not entirely sure:

Miles response to the bisexual chatter?

What do you think of Moniece and Milan as an item? Think they’re just friends?