You’ll Probably Trip Over Yourself Watching These 14 Clumsy Romantic Moments

Trust us, eating s--t down a flight of stairs is totally endearing.

The clumsy leading lady is a rom-com cliche that needs to die a brutal death. But Hollywood keeps ’em around because they’re super ~relatable~. Let me ask you this: if you accidentally ate pavement and walked away with a goofy looking chipped tooth, you’re trying to tell me bae wouldn’t straight up laugh? Or even giggle? Just a little? Not even, because I know I would.

In romantic movies and shows, though, these moments are warmly welcomed and accepted by love interests because I think we’ve established date movies are basically opposite portrayals of reality. We think these moments are super cute even when we know our real-life bbs would think we were a bunch of goons if we pulled this ish left and right. But it’s also Hollywood we’re talking about here. Never forget.

Check out these clumsy romantic moments, do what you will with them and watch your step.

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  1. Edward sexily catches Bella’s apple. (Twilight)

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    When Bella isn’t flopping over her own two feet, she’s dropping everything around her. Like this apple, for instance. But vampire babe Edward is here to save the day and catch it because he’s that good with his hands. Thank god.

  2. Silly Bridget Jones left her Mark Darcy-bashing diary out for Mark to see. (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

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    But she ran after him in the snow in her underwear, and this scene will never get old for softies like me. I can’t imagine that my real-life reenactment would be nearly as flattering. Even in spanx.

  3. Jane falls back-first into a pool at a classy hotel when she sees her low-key crush Rafael. (Jane the Virgin)

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    Being the living god that he is, Rafael jumps in to rescue her in this three-foot pool like Jane’s dodging the Titanic. And he’s wearing a glorious tight, white, now wet shirt while doing it. ILY, television.

  4. Margaret and Andrew are in the middle of hating each other when their naked, wet bodies collide. (The Proposal)

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    A little slip here, a little bump there, and next thing you know… No, I’m not referring to sex. But if you don’t want them to just pounce on each other every time you watch this scene, then you need to get your eyes checked today. All I’m sayin’.

  5. Laney makes her slow-mo makeover entrance and then nosedives down the stairs. (She’s All That)

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    Zach’s biceps are there to effortlessly catch her, though. Falling head-first on a beautiful man, is by default, the definition of romance.

  6. Katey white-girl dances so hard, she falls. (Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights)

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    You’re LOLing that this makes the list. Because, what is this movie, anyway? It’s a cinematic masterpiece overlooked by the masses, that’s what. Anyway, movie critics, Katey’s Latin lover Javier is guaranteed to make you feel things when he finally teaches her how to sex on the dance floor. Who’s laughing now?

  7. Everything Cam does in Good Luck Chuck.

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    This trope is the basis of this entire movie. Jessica Alba’s character can’t go anywhere without knocking her own teeth out, setting fires and probs unknowingly killing people. But Charlie is so taken by her, because, ~rom-coms~.

  8. Fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants Jamie picks uber hottie Dylan up at the airport, on the baggage claim.

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    Because last-minute taking your shoes off and running on the baggage claim like a deranged hobo isn’t *clumsy gal* enough, Jamie also makes a bootleg sign with paper and her lipstick. Dylan was not at all concerned.

  9. Maria gets her new Gucci shoe caught in the middle of the street, but doesn’t care that a speeding dumpster might kill her. (The Wedding Planner)

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    Understandably. It’s Gucci, guys. Doctor Steve literally swoops in and saves the day and they immediately fall in love because only Hollywood would get away with timing so unrealistic, it’s brilliant.

  10. An epic fail at plane sex is still somehow cute. (Just Married)

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    Even though Tom’s foot gets stuck in the toilet and Sarah gets a busted up nose, this incredibly unfortunate incident still didn’t kill their sex drive. Honeymooners, amiright?

  11. Gracie eats s–t in heels and Eric still looks at her like she’s a floating goddess. (Miss Congeniality)

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    My boyfriend would probably point and laugh.

  12. The entire “Kiss the Girl” scene in The Little Mermaid.

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    SPOILER: He doesn’t kiss the girl. Two pesky little eels flip Ariel and Eric into the lagoon. Buuut our prince earns back romance points by what he says when he and Ariel are overboard: “Hang on! I got ya!” Yes, he does. (If you can’t tell, I want Eric to also wrap me up in his big, strong arms.)

  13. The time Daphne (Amanda Bynes) and Ian (Oliver James) literally fall out of a boat but then decide to suck face. (What a Girl Wants)

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    Dirty lake water is the ultimate aphrodisiac, apparently.

  14. And last but not least: When Tramp and Lady have an accidental spaghetti smooch in Lady and the Tramp.


    The OG awkward kiss, to be honest.

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